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Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Energy conservation and emission reduction have gradually become a global trend. As a leading provider of the in-car DVD navigation system, Alex Electronics stands in a unique position to lead efforts that tap into the potential for greenhouse emission reduction along the full value chain.

Use Water Wisely
Alex Electronics remains tightly focused on the protection of water resources and the disposal of waste water. Our top three priorities are the proper distribution, conservation, and protection of water resources. At Alex Electronics, there are stringent water resource management regulations in place to enhance our ability to manage water resources and improve water-use efficiency.

There are 4 major types of daily activities at Alex Electronics that require the use of water: cooking food in our canteen, watering the greenery, air conditioning, and producing products. In our manufacturing operation, Alex Electronics promotes the use of clean production technology to reduce water consumption. Other proactive measures are also taken to conserve water, such as using the cooling water repeatedly.

Clean water used in our daily activities is provided by the municipal water supply system. Waste water produced throughout our production process goes directly into the urban drainage system without having any negative impact on the surface water, groundwater, and other external water sources.

For us, the low-carbon technique is not just a feature to be boasted of. It is incorporated in our product and service we provide. The low carbon concept is reflected throughout the life cycle of our navigation system. Through continuous technology innovation, Alex Electronics keeps improving the energy efficiency of our navigation products and solutions. Care is also taken in our daily operations to improve the energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases and eliminate wastes. Outside the company, we take the initiative to assist other enterprises in the shift to low-carbon economy and sustainable society in an attempt to create a clean environment free of pollution, radiation and emission.