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Tips for Safe Use of Car Navigation

1. The executable files stored in the SD card are navigational programs. Careless deletion of any of these files may lead to improper navigation function. Care should also be taken to protect the navigational programs against virus.
2. Please do not change the factory-fitted map card provided with the navigator. Please contact one of our after-sales service men for any need of updating your mapping software.
3. Do not plug out the SD card when the navigation system is turned on. This is to avoid any damage to the map or frozen navigation system.
4. According to the makes, different brand-name USBs may have been designed to different standards. That explains why the navigation system sometimes can not read some USBs. In that case, our suggestion is to change the USB.
5. Rely on your own judgment in determining whether to follow the suggested navigation route. Changes in road conditions, traffic signs, and other navigation information are beyond the control of Alex Electronics. That is why navigator users need to update their navigation system maps from time to time. Outdated maps may provide wrong navigation information, especially in the case of changed traffic signs where the direction of allowed travel on a one-way street has changed, for example.
6. The navigation system is only used to assist drivers in driving. Sometimes the system may not be able to present the accurate direction, distance, location, and road conditions.
7. Due to the variety of makes, different brand-name mobile phones may use varied Bluetooth modules and software. In practical use, it is possible that our navigation system is not compatible with your Bluetooth. We hereby ask for your indulgence.
8. The car reverse system only provides a certain degree of rear view when you are moving car backward.
9. The DVD player provided with the navigator is only able to play one 12cm disc at a time. Please do not forcibly insert an 8cm disc or other disc-like objects into the player.
10. Please use standard discs instead of non-standard or even shoddy discs so as to avoid machine failure or shorten the service life of the DVD player.
11. Please do not put the navigator in a damp environment or directly into the water in case an electrical short, circuit damage, or fire hazard occurs.
12. Please check or replace the battery in time to prevent remote controller malfunction. Normally, the battery provides 6 months of service life.
13. Please do not strike the TFT display screen to avoid damage or malfunction.
14. Use the touch screen calibrator to correct any position deviation of a touch. During calibration, the center point of the cross cursor must be in the accurate location. Or else, it would affect the correction accuracy.
15. Please do not operate the navigator or watching the TV program on its display screen while you are driving. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.