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BMW Navigation System

Alex Electronics specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of vehicle-specific navigation units. For BMW car enthusiasts, we have specially launched the AL-92 series BMW navigation system to be fitted in your BMW 1 series (E81), X1 series (E84), 3 series (E46, E90, E91, E92), 5 series (E39, E60, F18), X5 series (E53), and 7 series (E38). At Alex Electronics, you will find a suitable multifunction GPS navigator for almost any of your BMW car models produced since 1998.

Taking into account the usability of the existing i-Drive system in the BMW car, we have designed the DVD-based navigator that can quickly switch from the navigation interface to the radio or CD interface with just a click of the button. In addition, all our navigator models are equipped with the car reverse camera which would show users the tracks during car reverse which would make it safer and more convenient for drivers to move their car backward.

In the development of the new BMW navigation system, we take all other aspects in account to ensure a seamless fit between the navigation unit and your BMW car. These issues include the structural design, display screen panel design, wiring, plug, and socket. Therefore without cutting any critical wire or moving any sockets or plugs, users can install our navigator tightly onto their car.

As far as the software is concerned, our intelligent multimedia BMW navigation system comes by default with the 2-way CANBUS feature for effective communications between the navigator and the BMW car. If your car already got a display screen, then all other navigation-related information could be shown on it. Car owners can freely switch between different information interfaces while keeping their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road to ensure a safe drive.

    1. BMW 5 Series Navigation System8-inch navigation system display screen, 800×480 pixels
      Retain the high-sensitivity radio receiver, and power amplifier without affecting the sound quality
      With a click of the i-Drive button, users can still control all the functions as they did before.
    1. BMW 3 Series Navigation System7-inch high resolution digital display screen with 800×480 pixels
      External 2-way decoder supports the original steering wheel control.
      Retain the safety belt alarm
    1. BMW X1 Navigation SystemAn 8inch digital display screen makes this navigation system a real eye catcher. It provides 800×480 pixels.
      External 2-way decoder supports the original steering wheel control
      Retain seat belt alarm function
    1. BMW 1 Series Navigation SystemOne unique selling point of this intelligent turn-by-turn navigation system is the 7-inch high resolution screen which offers 800×480 pixels
      External 2-way decoder supports the original steering wheel control.