Audi Navigation System

Choosing a suitable Audi navigation system for your Audi car is definitely the in thing to do. At Alex Electronics, we have developed the complete AL-91 series navigation units specifically for almost all Audi car models produced since 1998. It is especially worth mentioning here is that we have also created an array of Audi navigation systems for model A4, A5, and Q5 right-drive Audi cars.

An important factor that needs to be taken in consideration in the design of a standalone navigation unit is the limited installation space. That is why we have to build the CAN BUS inside the navigation unit to save space. The process of installing our navigation unit is rather straightforward. Simply plug it into the car head unit and get it going immediately to achieve information exchange between the car and the DVD-based navigator.

It is important to take all other aspects into account when designing a suitable GPS navigator which would provide a seamless fit for your Audi car without the need to cut any wiring. These issues include the structural design, panel design, and the style of wiring, plug, and socket.

In terms of software design, the voice-guided Audi navigation system from Alex Electronics sports the 2-way CAN BUS feature that would enable the information exchange between the navigation unit and the Audio car. On the original car display screen, all other navigation-related information can be present. With this navigation unit, car drivers can keep their hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road while switching freely between all the navigation interfaces.

    1. Audi A4/A5 Navigation SystemKeep the original power amplifier without affecting the sound quality
      With one click of the factory fitted I-Drive button on your Audi steering wheel, you can control all the functions including the added DVD player.
      The DVD player is able to play your iPod on its screen.
    1. Audi A4 Navigation SystemNavigation system/DVD touch screen
      Built-in CAN BUS supports the existing steering wheel control.
      DVD playing, iPod playing functions
    1. Audi A3 Navigation System7-inch HD multi-functional navigation display screen, 800×480 pixels
      External 2-way decoder supports the original steering wheel control.
      Retain the seat belt alarm function
    1. Audi Q5 Navigation System4-channel audio output (left front, left back, right front, right back)
      Built-in 4×45 power amplifier, 1 subwoofer output
      Working voltage: 11-16V
    1. Audi TT Navigation System7-inch DVD navigation display screen, 800×480 pixels
      External 2-way decoder supports the existing steering wheel control
      Retain the seat belt alarm and maintain the operational synchronization between the CD player and dashboard.