Mercedes-Benz Navigation System

At Alex Electronics we understand that any one Mercedes-Benz navigation system is not right for every Mercedes-Benz car. That is why we have developed the complete AL-93 series of navigators, each suitable for a specific class of cars including the Mercedes A-, B-, C-, S-, ML-, and GL-class. Literally all the Mercedes models produced since 1995 are included in our service area, including the Mini Smart series and the commercial classes VIANO and VITO.

One factor that needs to be taken into account in the navigator design process is the easy use of the existing Command button in client's car. The purpose of this consideration is to allow that button to integrate with the installed Mercedes-Benz navigation system so that with a click of the button users would freely switch between interfaces of the CD or radio player and the navigator. Available also with the car reversing aid, our Mercedes-Benz navigation system lets the car move in reverse safer and more easily.

From the overall structure to the style of navigator panel, we take all these aspects into consideration to ensure our Mercedes-Benz navigation system fits in seamlessly with your car. Installation of the navigator is fast, secure without the need to cut any critical wiring or move any plug or socket for maximum safety.

If you already had a CAN Bus installed on your Mercedes, our navigator would also incorporate the 2-way CAN Bus to maintain close interaction with your car. It would be perfect if there exists a display screen in your car so that other information related to the navigation can be presented on that screen. With this navigator, you can start your car and get the navigation going without even looking at the screen!

Presently available in our AL-93 series portfolio include the audio navigator, multifunctional navigation unit, commercial car GPS navigator, GPS navigator for mini Smart car, and the in-car DVD GPS navigation unit.

    1. Mercedes-Benz A/B Class Navigation SystemAre you looking for an in-car navigation system? Alex Electronics might be the ideal source for a wide variety of car navigation units. Click on any of the above menus to gain a customized navigation solution specific to your type of Mercedes Benz.
    1. Mercedes-Benz C Class Navigation SystemPowerful Bluetooth function
      After the navigation system is installed, users could still use the factory fitted power amplifier without affecting its sound quality
    1. Mercedes-Benz R Class Navigation SystemRetain the seat belt alarm functions
      Operational synchronization between the original CD player and the dashboard
      Designed in the same style as your cars’ CD player, the navigation system gives the tight fit you have been looking for.
    1. Mercedes-Benz S Class Navigation System With the DVD player, users can play your iPod, iPhone 3, and iPhon4 on the screen.
      High-sensitivity radio receiver pre-stores 30 radio programs.
      2-channel video output, 2-channel video input (with 1 input channel that connects to the car reverse camera)