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Mercedes-Benz W204 2008-2011 Navigation System

Model No.: AL-9315
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Mercedes Benz C-Class W204 (2008-2011) C180K/C200/C260/C300

1. 6.2 inch high resolution digital display screen, 800×480 pixels
2. Retain the functions of the existing high-sensitivity radio receiver
3. Powerful Bluetooth function
4. Keep the original power amplifier without affecting its sound quality
5. Retain all the functions of the existing Command button
6. Support DVD and iPod functions
7. After installation, the steering wheel control retains all its original functions as well as gains an added function to control the DVD player.
8. Navigation, DVD touch screen
9. Built-in double CAN BUS decoders support the steering wheel control
10. The multifunction GPS navigation system is designed in the same style as the car dashboard.
11. Support DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, MPEG4, MP3, VCD, CD, CD-R, and CD-RW.
12. The electronic anti-shock system provides up to 5 seconds of vibration protection for the DVD player.
13. Rear-mounted USB and iPod
14. Front-mounted double SD card slots
15. Car reversing camera input channel, digital TV input channel
16. 2-channel video input, 2-channel video output
17. Plug your iPod or iPhone into the navigation system for charging while playing music or video from the device.
18. Freely switch between English and Chinese

1. GPS Navigation

SiRFAtlasIV AT840 High-Speed MCU
Built-in 128M DDR2 SDRAM with maximum speed of up to 667MHz
20-Channel GPS Receiver
High-Sensitivity SRF3 receiver with a positional accuracy of ±5m
Dual-Core CPU allows the GPS navigation system to play music while navigating

2. Options
DVB-T Digital TV
ISDB-T Digital TV
ATV Analog TV
ATSC Set-Top Box
Android Navigation (with 3G and WIFI functions)

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